🍂 March 2021 Updates

New features for the Activity View 🎁

The activity tab gives you an overview of what is happening on your premises: events, distinct people seen and recently, check-ins and their metadata. This is a place to audit results and discover insights; we've released a few features to help with that:

  • New sorting and ordering options.
  • On Mobile, a subtitle displays your current settings; focus, sorting and order.
  • A new trigger filter for Access Control events, so you can find them easily.

How to test it: Head over to the Activity view. Filters appear on the left side of the screen, whilst Sort & Order fields appear on the right-hand side.

  • There are different sorting options for Events, Identities and Check-ins. Click on the Sort drop down field to display and choose between them.
  • The Order drop-down field is right next to Sort. Click on it to order the information ascending or descending.
  • Click on the Access Control trigger filter to only display events that yielded an access control result.
Nirovision activity view

Simpler navigation across Locations & Companies 🧭

With Nirovision, Identities can be shared across multiple physical sites. Customers with two or more sites can swap between them using our new Location Switcher.

How to test it: Head over to the 📱  Nirovision Applications

  • On the web app, look for the📍icon at the top right of the screen to select Companies you have access to. Click on any to load its data.
  • Using our mobile apps, head over the Settings and look for the 📍drop-down to select a Location to load its data.
Changing locations in Nirovision

🔵 What's Improved

  • Partner Portal navigation keeps getting better. Explore our new search bar, and make use of side panels to avoid losing context. ✨
  • There are new push notification actions available, to help you perform quick actions without opening the app: filter activity by camera and by identity, go to an identity or snooze. Long press on any Nirovision notification to find them. 📣

🔴 What's Fixed

  • Clicking on the Today button in the Activity view now removes the New Activity prompt. You'll find the Today button 🗓 right next to the navigation arrows of the Activity graph.
  • Both the Activity list and graph now refresh correctly after you change a No Match result to a Match 🌈.
  • If you remove the cover image of an identity, Nirovision will auto-select a new one for you from the remaining faces, instead of leaving it blank. Cover images are highlighted with a ⭐ when looking at an Identity's faces.
  • Fixed a bug that caused very strange UI behaviour with long names🎢 We also fixed an issue with the Activity subtitle text colour.

If you'd like help to set up any of these new features, get in touch with us:

🇦🇺 Live support - phone, email or chat widget in the apps.

📚 Helpful resources from our knowledge base.

💬 Book time with us - talk to us about your short- and mid-term challenges.

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