⚡️ Doorkeeper and Monitor Integrations August 2021

🌏 Rapid Global

Nirovision partners with Rapid Global to streamline your workforce risk, safety and compliance processes with facial recognition technology.

  • Employees, Contractors and Visitors can check-in and out of premises by presenting their faces in front of a Doorkeeper.
  • Employees, Contractors and Visitors registered in Rapid Global can be synced to Nirovision as labelled identities - saving you time creating and maintaining your database.

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🌡 Bluetooth Thermometer

A supported thermometer can be added to Doorkeeper to enable temperature screening.

  • Doorkeeper will deny entry if an abnormal temperature is detected, and will also learn what each individual baseline temperature is over time.
  • Get instant alerts for anomalies and generated detailed analytic reports.
Bluetooth Thermometer Integration

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+ IP Cameras + Access Control

IP cameras enhance site safety and compliance.

  • Missed check-ins alarms notify you when people skip the process.
  • IP cameras also enable comprehensive visual contact tracing reports.

Nirovision also integrates with various Access Control Systems such as InnerRange, ICT Protege and more.

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