🎉 2021: A Year in Review

Vax was the word of 2021 - and much like 2020, it feels like history keeps unfolding in real-time, rather than gradually taking shape over days and months. Time remains of the essence: strong entry processes reduce the risk of quarantines, shutdowns and sickness. Businesses need to be certain of who's on-site - that's where facial recognition can make a difference.

At Nirovision, our mission is to make workplaces safer. Our applications can be leveraged to design seamless entry processes for staff, contractors and visitors: at entry points using Doorkeeper kiosks, and integrated IP cameras for enhanced security.

In 2021, we released the following features:

  • Check-in and Check-out registrations via Doorkeeper, for a seamless visitor management experience.
  • Check-in alarms, to be alerted of registration issues as they happen.
  • Smart surveys that apply labels, store metadata, stop people at the door, auto-fill names and redirect to State applications.
  • Setup wizard and templates, to be up and running in minutes.
  • Automated check-outs.
  • Manual registrations.
  • Host notifications.
  • Badge printing.
  • Security features like liveness detection and temperature retake.

Across the Nirovision applications you'll also find:

  • The new insights dashboard, that always displays who's on-site.
  • Refreshed Identities UI, with a new calendar view of attendance.
  • Refreshed Activity UI: new activity prompt, similarity results, more sorting options.
  • New views of Activity data that can be reviewed in-app or exported: Check-ins view, Attendance view.
  • More enrolment options: CSV import.


  • New integrations that enhance your check-in experience: Infrared thermometer, Brother badge printer, Rapid Global, Slack and Protege GX.
Doorkeeper temperature screen
  • New API endpoints and webhooks, and brand new documentation: https://developers.nirovision.io
  • Time-saving Admin features like bulk identity operations, mobile widgets, context menus, quick edit mode, and manual check-ins.
  • Under the hood, enhancements to sync identities faster and more efficiently, better mask and face detectors and improved error handling across the platforms.

If you'd like help setting up any of these new features, get in touch with us 📣

🇦🇺 Phone and email support during AEST office hours.

📚 Helpful resources from our knowledge base.

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