All features included

Nirovision’s features combine workplace check ins, temperature screening, attendance insights, and much more in a single, integrated platform to keep your workplace safe and secure.

Training program

Temperature checks

Capture baseline temperatures and get instant alerts for anomalies.

Missed check-in alerts

Be alerted when someones fails to complete a check in survey.

Attendance insights

View time and attendance by week or month and export data.

Contact tracing

With a record of everyone entering, it’s easy to do contact tracing.


Group people with Labels for better insights and custom alarms.

Host notifications

Allow visitors to select and notify the person they’re meeting.

Watchlist alerts

Be alerted when someone on a watchlist is seen.

Access control

Grant or deny entry to doors with facial recognition.

Who's on-site?

Know what's happening with the Insights Dashboard, starting with how many people are on site.

Unlimited users

There is no limit to the number of admins, and those receiving alerts.

Export CSV

Export check in and contact tracing data in seconds.

Web and phone app

Monitor things from your desk or on the go with our web and phone app

Custom metadata

Add fields of data to Identities to better understand your people.

Advanced search

Filter events by time, by camera, by person or by Label.

Software integrations

Integrate with Nx Witness VMS or Rapid Global.

Book a demo

Book a time and our product team will demo you all features live and will clarify any questions that you have.