Nirovision can play a key role in identifying the people captured in security footage by using the Nirovision + Nx Witness VMS integration. The integration brings deep learning capabilities to IP cameras, enhancing Nx Witness applications with identity recognition, advanced search and intelligent notifications.

Nx Witness is an open IP video management system (VMS) with a slick interface that is designed to find, view, record and manage IP video cameras as well as integrate with 3rd party systems and devices. It supports nearly every camera on the market today using a combination of ONVIF, native integration, or RTSP/HTTP streaming.


  • Nirovision Plan: Custom
  • Other software: Nx Wintess VMS
  • Server: see specs
  • IP camera(s): any camera with RTSP stream


  • Receive notifications when a particular person is recognised, or a group of interest is seen.
  • Trigger identity-based actions.
  • Search video footage and review a timeline of activity by identity, by groups of people using labels, or by face. Search object metadata and recognition events in the notifications panel, or by using Smart Search.
  • Receive notifications for an event type and/or caption contains.
  • Put a name to a face when watching video live with bounding boxes and label metadata overlaid on identities.
  • Store identity metadata alongside your video footage, for as long as you desire.
  • Use Nirovision widgets to perform key functionality directly in your Nx environment.