“What we needed was accurate reporting with all information pertaining to the individual who has signed in. There’s been nothing but positive feedback from everyone.” - Anna Basukoski, Biosecurity Manager

South Western Logistics meets ABF requirements with Doorkeeper

South Western Logistics (SWL) provide end-to-end land-based solutions for overseas imports and exports. The business moves all types of cargo around Sydney, arranging and receiving shipments from around the globe. Their services include transport, container storage, warehousing, fumigation and heat treatment.


South Western Logistics occupy a new, state-of-the-art facility based in Prestons, NSW which is less than 30 minutes from the wharf, making it a very busy site. Spanning across 2Ha including 10,000sqm of container hardstand, 7,000m2 of warehousing and 1,000sqm of designated under awning unpack area, the site is home to office staff, warehouse employees, contractors, truck drivers and visitors.

Given the types of services that SWL provides and the fact they are HACCP and Biosecurity Approved, the business has Australian Border Force requirements that include keeping accurate records of everyone that comes on site. Not only are all workers and visitors required to sign in, but there are policies and conditions including 77G and HACCP requirements that must be viewed and agreed to upon entry.

“We needed a system to capture our visitors but also double up as a time clock for our employees," said Warehouse Manager Said Beyrouti.

“Most importantly, we needed something that met ABF requirements, and like all businesses we prefer a digital trail as opposed to a paper trail.”


South Western Logistics set up a number of Doorkeeper’s on site to sign in warehouse workers, contractors and visitors. SWL added 77G and HACCP requirements to ensure they could meet border force regulations. This included seven year data retention with the ability to filter data and export reports with a click of a button.

Instead of having seperate forms for visitors vs contractors vs staff, SWL were able to customise the sign in flow for different people to collect the right information. This also enabled SWL to capture worker time and attendance and know at anytime who is on site.

They also added Nirovision’s printer integration to print visitor labels to make identifying visitors on site easy.


South Western Logistics now have an accurate digital record of everyone that comes on site. Not just an historical record of who’s been on site but a real-time view of who is currently onsite. There’s also digital evidence of people agreeing to the 77G and HACCP requirements which was a key driver for implementing Doorkeeper.

“What we needed was accurate reporting with all information pertaining to the individual who has signed in,” said Anna Basukoski, SWL’s Biosecurity Manager.

“This included ABF requirements which was really important.”

Within weeks of implementing Doorkeeper, the product was put to the ultimate test with an unannounced inspection by the Australian Border Force.

“We had an unannounced inspection of the premises last week,” said Basukoski.

“They contacted me for a report of who’s been on site, I was actually at home at the time, but I was able to easily run a report from the Nirovision web app, and have the team on site share this.”

“They (ABF) were really happy with it, as it met all their requirements. It was the perfect test,” she said.

Having replaced paper based methods to capture attendance, workers are also benefiting from the Doorkeeper sign in experience.

“It’s a much faster sign in for workers now,” said Basukoski.

“There’s been nothing but positive feedback from everyone.”

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