“We don’t want clocking in and out to be a burden for staff, workers appreciate how quick and easy it is to log their attendance with Doorkeeper.” - Samantha Williams, Site Manager

Sheetmetal Solutions tracks staff attendance with Doorkeeper

Sheetmetal Solutions is the number one source for all things sheet metal. From laser cutting, to bending, guillotining, fabrication, package and assembly, the business serves customers all over Australia. Founded in 2007, the Sheetmetal Solutions offers competitive products thanks to specialised tools such as their CNS Bending & Laser Cutting machine and prides itself on quality, efficiency and a personal approach to all jobs.


Tracking staff time and attendance was an administrative burden for Sheetmetal Solutions. The data which was in paper form, was only available on site and wasn’t always accurate or legible. There was also the challenge of storing this information and the manual data entry that was required for payroll.

“We thought there had to be a better way,” said Site Manager Samantha Williams, who handles payroll for the business.

“As a growing business, I was spending too much time on payroll and a big part of that was the manual process we used to clock workers in and out,” she said.


Sheetmetal Solutions setup Doorkeeper on site to digitally capture an accurate record of time and attendance. Rather than fill out a time sheet, workers could simply clock in with a quick face scan.

Sheetmetal Solutions could then refer to the Nirovision web and mobile apps to see automated time sheets and hours on site for each worker. The business also enabled the ‘breaks’ feature so staff could easily log their breaks, again with a quick face scan.


Since setting up Doorkeeper, Sheetmetal Solutions have dramatically cut down the time spent on payroll.

“Now when I do payroll I can simply export a report whether I’m at home or on site,” said Williams.

“All the attendance data I need is there including time sheets with daily and weekly hours totalled for me.”

With breaks enabled, Sheetmetal Solutions is able to capture a very accurate record of attendance and staff appreciate how easy the process is.

“We don’t want clocking in and out to be a burden for staff, workers appreciate how quick and easy it is to log their attendance with Doorkeeper,” said Williams.

In addition to attendance for payroll, the business now has a real time record of everyone on site at any given time which further strengthens site security and safety.

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