“Nirovision has helped us validate attendance with face identification and easy-to-view data and reports.” - Nick Margiolakis, Compliance Manager

Demos Property Services verifies attendance with Doorkeeper

Demos Property Services was founded in 1987 and has, over the past 35 years grown to become one of Melbourne’s largest contract cleaning companies. The business has the capacity to fulfil the requirements of the most stringent commercial cleaning contracts, while maintaining the high quality of care that customers deserve.


To provide a reliable and quality cleaning service for its clients, Demos Property Services need to ensure that their teams are on site on time and for the duration rostered. The company holds its employees to a high standard of service so they need to know if someone is not punctual, doesn’t show up when required or is fraudulent when it comes to logging their attendance. This helps Demos Property Services maintain a high-quality employee base to best serve its clients.

Management cannot be on every site to confirm attendance and log books, as has been demonstrated over many decades, cannot always be trusted making it difficult to capture an accurate record of attendance.


Demos Property Services chose Nirovision, after testing other time and attendance technologies, because of their flexible sign in options and biometrics which validate cleaner attendance. A combination of Doorkeeper iPads and printed Doorkeeper QR codes were set up across 40+ sites to allow cleaners to log their attendance. iPads are used for larger sites while printed QR code solution are used for smaller and remote locations.

Demos configured a number of attendance alarms to know if shifts commenced on time or a team member has not attended by a certain time as per rostering. We also configured the system to automatically sign out a cleaner from one site when they sign into another site, to reduce administration without compromising attendance reports.

With some cleaners rostered across more than one site, Nirovision worked with Demos to make cross location reports available to see a cleaner’s attendance across multiple locations easily. Nirovision also provided custom date range options for exporting time and attendance.


With cleaners using Doorkeeper to sign in, Demos Property Services were able to better track cleaner attendance across all their sites.

“It’s really important for us to know that the people we employ turn up on time and work the hours required,” said Nick Margiolakis, Demos Property Services’ Compliance Manager.“

“Nirovision has helped us validate attendance with face identification and easy-to-view data and reports.”

“We no longer have to trust whether workers are doing the right thing, because we now know and that provides tremendous peace of mind, not to mention cost benefits.”

In addition to capturing accurate attendance data, Demos Property Services also opted for Nirovision because of our willingness to listen to customer feedback and innovate fast.

“Nirovision have been really responsive in listening to our needs and have fast-tracked a number of key features that we required,” said Margiolakis.

“The product team moves quickly and customer support is always there if we need assistance.”

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