Client: Buildform Projects Pty Ltd

Buildform delivers projects for private developers, strata corporations as well as large multinational organisations. The company has a great reputation for being responsive, honest and client focused. Since their inception in 1994, their work has continuously received multiple industry awards.

The goal

“Buildform required a robust system to record workers entering and exiting our sites,” says Charlie Jabbour, the Construction Manager at Buildform.

Moving away from paper based records to save time calculating work hours was key. They also wanted a better way to accurately account for everyone onsite for safety and compliance.

The solution

Buildform implemented Doorkeeper Pro at their worksite to speed up the check-in process, capture a digital record of attendance, and know who’s on-site at anytime for safety and compliance reasons.


Doorkeeper Pro was able to dramatically reduce the time it takes for workers to check-in.

“DoorKeeper provided a solution to quickly and easily scan workers faces and cross reference against our database,” says Charlie.

“Our check in/check out procedure was streamlined to seconds per worker.”

Nirovision also worked closely with Buildform to customise their setup.

“The suggestions we had were taken on board, with the development team quickly providing custom solutions to our unique challenges,” says Charlie.

Doorkeeper is a great way to measure your workers movements, track who is on site and account for everybody safely leaving at the days end. We highly recommend Doorkeeper to builders who want to automate their check in/out procedures with multiple sites, or a large workforce,” he said.

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