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Tackling retail loss prevention using Face Recognition

The Challenge

Loss Prevention staff at a large multi-location department store had issues keeping track of known shoplifters. The Loss Prevention staff moves from time to time to different locations within the region of the Department stores.

Each store location has its own office where photos of shoplifters are posted on the wall for the staff to know and study. Unfortunately, there is a sizeable list of known shoplifters at each location, so keeping track of this list of people day in and day out becomes an impossible task.


Regional Management would like to have a system is capable of keeping track of shoplifters and notifying staff when offenders enter the store.

Additionally, the current security system is less than two years old, leaving a small budget that will not allow for a complete replacement.


The Integrator added Deep Learning based Face Recognition software from Nirovision. Nirovision operates alongside the legacy equipment in the Department store. By only adding the egress and ingress cameras, the Integrator was able to limit the number of streams processed at each location to save on costs.

Nirovision now monitors the camera streams round the clock, looking out for shoplifters.

Loss Prevention staff get alerted immediately on their mobile phones whenever a suspected shoplifter gets recognised by Nirovision.

When a new shoplifter is identified, the Loss Prevention staff can add them into Nirovision within seconds from their mobile devices, immediately updating the system.

Shoplifters that have been tagged by a particular store is also shared across all locations. If a culprit were to try attempt to steal at a different store branch, the Loss Prevention staff at that location would be notified accordingly.

Along with "Shoplifter" label, the department store can also use the software to identify other groups of people, such as: Sales Assistant, Loss Prevention, Vendors, Contractors, Deliveries, etc.


Shrinkage decreased across the region

Shrinkage is estimated to cost retailers $100 billion worldwide.The Department Store chain has reported a reduction of shrinkage of 10%. Stores noticed that ones a handful of shoplifters were denied entry or approached by Loss Prevention staff, the follow on effect was a reduction of theft in all nearby stores. The assumption is that offenders stopped their behaviours once that knew that systems were in place to identify them. Organised theft rings also took notice and decided to avoid our client's stores.

The client is now looking at ways to discover employee theft using Nirovision's activity dashboard to identify unusual staff behaviours.

Improving loyalty through hospitality

The client has also started with using Face Recognition to identify their valued VIP members.


Managers now get alerted when a VIP member is recognised so that they can be cheerfully greeted. Shopper notes added to each VIP also enables the manager to talk about new or discounted items that the customer might be interested in.