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The Challenge

In the gaming industry, opportunities abound - but so do risks. How do you empower your team to maximise these opportunities while also safeguarding against unforeseen events?

Picture this. It is Friday night, and your venue is starting to get busy. The kitchen is in full swing, delivering stunning dishes to the pass. Your waitstaff are cheerfully serving drinks and plates to your guests. Michelle, your manager, is greeting guests as they arrive, warmly welcoming your regulars by name and showing them to their favourite table.


This is great, right? Except that things always go wrong. The AV system has glitched out again, so the manager retreats to the comms room to rectify. Meanwhile, a drink gets spilled, so a waitstaff leaves her post clean the mess before someone slips and falls. John, a valued regular guest, arrives. Unfortunately, his reservation cannot be found. Since Michelle is busy rectifying the AV problem, the ball gets dropped so John and his family are left waiting for a table.


Compound this with other events that might occur that night. Someone blacklisted for a prior violent incident shows up. A high-value VIP arrives at your gaming room, unbeknownst to your staff.

The Solution

A Nirovision server was installed in the comms room of the venue. Running Nirovision's server appliance software, the machine processes eight IP camera streams with room to grow to sixteen.

Four existing cameras were used to cover the main entryways. These cameras were adjusted slightly to get better face captures. Four new IP cameras with low-light capabilities were also installed to cover the entry paths of the gaming area.

The end-user had an existing VMS in place and continues to remain operational with over four hundred cameras on-site.

The following labels were created:

Summary / ROI

There's a saying that "you don't know what you don't know". This statement rings true in Hospitality & Gaming. How many joy-sparking, loyalty-building opportunities do you let slip by each day? How much additional risk are you exposing your guests to by not keeping know offenders away?

"You don't know what you don't know"

For this venue, the ROI was clear. Before Nirovision, the Blacklist and Self-exclusion list were a printed Excel Spreadsheet. Staff had a near zero chance of identifying people from these lists. Because this was hard enough, a VIP list was not maintained.


The client has always prided itself on being a responsible gambling and liquor venue. However, without the power of Nirovision's "Mobile-First Face Recognition" solution, it was almost impossible to enforce the self-exclusion list. With Nirovision in the hands of the gaming manager, a notification is sent immediately when a problem gambler is recognised. The gaming manager can now proactively provide help to those in need.

Enforcing the self-exclusion list not only keeps the client away from costly compliance penalties but also fosters a vibrant gaming area that provides harmless entertainment for the right people.


While the self-exclusion list keeps problem gamblers safe from themselves, enforcing a blacklist keeps everyone safe from the anti-social few.

Previously, staff members had to log detailed incident reports whenever an incident occurs. Often, the report does not get written until hours or even days after the fact. Now with Nirovision mobile app, staff members can easily tag a blacklisted person with just a few taps. This information is captured once while the moment is fresh, and the perpetrator will be remembered forever.


Service is everything. Nirovision provides service staff with mobile alerts whenever VIPs arrive, allowing them to greet VIP guests with their favourite drink. This simple activity has increased the regularity of VIP visits dramatically. Since the General Manager gets weekly activity reports detailing when VIPs arrive, staff rostering has also been updated to ensure that customers are well serviced every hour of the day.