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Offer your members the ultimate frictionless experience with face recognition

The Challenge

Coworking spaces break free from the rigid conventions of traditional work by offering flexible arrangements, carefully designed and serviced spaces, and a vibrant community to interact with. The promise of an environment of collaboration, growth and opportunity, blurring the lines between work, leisure and life. But there's a catch... several actually.

Members are offered a seamless experience, yet they are required to check-in every day and use swipe cards. Global travellers pay a premium fee to be able to work from multiple venues, yet they need to identify themselves every time they land on a new location. It's strenuous to know who's at the space at all times, traffic trends go unnoticed.

In addition, every space is as unique as its members, so it's hard to foresee and measure the use of the facilities without navigating through room calendars and membership systems that are rarely updated.

Community managers struggle to facilitate unexpected interactions and create opportunities for collaboration, as member information is scattered across applications.

Meanwhile, most coworking spaces have security systems in place, gathering hours of valuable spacial insights that could shine a light into the challenges above.

The Solution

Nirovision was installed in three Sydney locations of a well-known coworking space, all managed from a single account.

The space wanted to focus their efforts on:

We were able to utilise existing IP cameras in one of the sites, as placement and lighting conditions were optimal, including a camera pointing at the hot desk area.

Two new IP cameras with low-light capabilities were strategically positioned in two entrances, to compensate for strong backlight typically found in office spaces.

We created labels for their different membership tiers, all 13 of them, including their Premium members. We also created labels for external contractors.

Summary / ROI

Before Nirovision, the space didn't have a unified database of their members, and they struggle to get a clear view of traffic across venues.

Premium Members

A big portion of this brand's members are travellers with flexible work schedules, that enjoy and pay for the flexibility to choose multiple cities to work from. This aligns perfectly with the ethos of the industry, but not in practice. Every time one of them showed up at any of the Sydney venues, they still had to identify themselves.

Leveraging Nirovision's mobile-first approach, we created an alarm that notifies relevant staff every time a Premium Member enters any of their three venues.

No more awkward interactions with their most valuable members. A truly frictionless experience.

In addition, each space now generates detailed reports of Premium Member movements across venues.

Membership labels

With over a thousand members across multiple venues, this space was struggling to provide highly personalised service at scale. They wanted to learn about traffic patterns between their venues, in order to staff them accordingly. They also wanted spread their community managers' knowledge to every employee, as to them, knowing every member's name is not enough.

We on-boarded the entire staff on the Nirovision app, and in a matter of minutes they started tagging members. Their community manager created a label for Super Members, to highlight those individuals who strengthen the community by facilitating interactions and collaboration spontaneously. The bar staff found the ability to add notes to profiles very useful, as they started writing down each members' favourite order. Every department found a way to contribute to creating a 360 view of their space.

Reports were game-changing too. With no extra effort, as days went by, their cameras collected traffic information, which could be filtered by location, camera and label. Having their entire membership database in Nirovision allowed them to compare venues for a deeper analysis by the hour.

The hot desk area

This space is very proud of their well thought and carefully designed space, based in years of experience in international markets. But they also understand that each space is used differently, based on member's culture, their routines and workflows, so they wonder if every space is utilised to its best capabilities. They were especially vigilant of their hot desk area, as it comprised 20% of their available space.

Before Nirovision, they had no real evidence to prove their hot desks were being under-utilised. Pointing a single camera at it and leveraging Nirovision's detailed analytics, they are starting to discover ubiquitous trends regarding them, which indicate traffic is very slow and some of this space could be repurposed.

They are using these findings to inform future design decisions.

What's next

We share this spaces' excitement with their learnings so far, even though they have only been using Nirovision for a few months.

Their next challenge to tackle is event attendance.

Events help build interest and credibility in the local community, and help with member cross-pollination, one of the most regarded perks of coworking spaces. Events also give people the chance to experience coworking spaces without committing to a membership, which is why keeping track of attendance can help tailor compelling offers and speed up conversion.