Automate vehicle access with AI

Identify vehicles and drivers using a combination of face authentication and license plate recognition. Check compliance in Rapid Global and automatically grant access if authorised.

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Nirovision apps

Our solution can also be used for pedestrian access to ensure only inducted and compliant workers can access your site.

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Enhance safety

Workplace safety starts and ends with people following the right processes. This requires certain training and qualifications. That's why Nirovision only allows authorised personnel onsite.

”Activity linked to facial scans improves accountability onsite. The system is easy to use and eliminates administrative tasks and streamlines business functions. Staff prefer the quick facial recognition check-in. One of the most flexible, versatile systems I’ve encountered.”

Jamie S

Business Systems Manager, Monford

Access control integrations

Nirovision integrates natively with access control devices or can use bluetooth or ethernet relay devices as a connector to open boom gates, doors or turnstiles.

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