Keep your workplace safe and secure

Integrate Nirovision with security cameras to identify where people are on-site, perform better contact tracing and enable face recognition access control.

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Nirovision offers a range of integrations to ensure a safe and secure environment

IP Cameras

Trace movement paths, see who is on-site and do visual contact tracing.

Face Rec Access Control

Streamline access control. Grant or deny entry based on someone’s identity.

Workforce Management

Works with Rapid Global for compliance docs, inductions and more.

Replace swipe cards and pin codes with face recognition access control to grant/deny entry.

Stay on top of things with smart alarms

Know immediately if someone has entered a restricted area, has an elevated temperature, failed to check, and more with customisable alarms.

Perform visual contact tracing

See what days someone was in, what areas they were seen and their close contacts for quick and accurate contact tracing. Export a CSV report in seconds.

Powerful insights at a glance

Nirovision's health & safety dashboard helps you keep track of occupancy, alerts, and more.


IP cameras


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